VG was established in 2013, with 100% black ownership and management. Through intuitive knowledge about business and first-hand experience in the industry, the name VG took over its first invention of Ventso Projects. Through the milestones of establishing the core aspect of Ventso Projects, VG was a matured leg of the business with a number of services to offer. We aim at providing the best quality services on a broad and unimaginable basis. “Your business is our passion” is what we strive to uphold in all our current and future business ventures as we are passionate about all the clients’ we handle. It is founded by two young men with extensive business acumen, enthusiasm and a zeal for South African entrepreneurial growth.

We had to create a memorable image that will enable this brand to stand out from it’s competitors, with no direct brief on how the logo should look, we had ample creative freedom to propose a design we strongly believed should be the image for this business. Keeping it simple by combining the V and G, resulted in a beautiful timeless logo which can easily be used on multiple applications.