National Indlulamithi Barometer


Indlulamithi Day is a day where the Indlulamithi SA Scenarios 2030 Project reports on its work and continues to inspire action towards a socially cohesive South Africa.

Since we launched the Indlulamithi SA Scenarios on 21 June 2018, we’ve hosted annual face to face events to celebrate Indlulamithi Day, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this was not possible this year.

The pandemic disrupted the world and forced us to adapt to a new normal. With South Africa being on lockdown, we grappled with this new normal, adhered to lockdown regulations and celebrated Indlulamithi Day by holding a virtual event.


This year, we introduced Provincial Indlulamithi Barometers, and released the second set of results of the National Indlulamithi Barometer.

According to the 2020 National Indulamithi Barometer results, South Africa has trended further into the Gwara Gwara scenario. Why are we still in this scenario? Watch Tumi Morake, in Giraffe Neck News,  re-capping some of the  events that might have caused this trend.

 We as Exquisite Motivity were responsible for ensuring that our speakers and their PowerPoint presentations were perfectly coordinated in the live stream. Timing was of the essence for the sake of the program and the viewers engaged. 


This was executed as a half day streaming conference with the speakers in studio, 3 camera setup with an interpreter on green screen. Ours, as Exquisite Motivity was to assist putting together the necessary graphical elements for the show, collaborate and build the show & direct the live stream. 

What We Did

  • Live Streaming
  • Motion graphics


A seamless stream on GoToWebinar platform, the event was successful with positive feedback from participants who managed to engage on the stream. We were able to execute this with no down time on the event and zero technical issues in production.