Crossing the line


To create visual content which would tell the story of how BMW relates to people. The visual content needed to showcase through photography and video that the consumer as well as the BMW team make the network that is the brand.


The purpose of this event was to collaborate around best practice, communicate key strategic messages and priorities to its After-sales dealer network and allow them to be amongst the first to experience the latest innovations and newly launched products models. 


This was executed as a full day conference/ workshop with the latest BMW models racing on the track as entertainment for the day. The evening brought with it a gala awards ceremony to recognise outstanding achievements and performance from the previous year

Ours, as Exquisite Motivity was to capture all the activities and engagements which would document the memories of the day.  All the event elements were covered such as venue detail, registration, speeches, employee engagement, drive experience and the set-up. 

What We Did

  • Events Photography 
  • Corporate event video 


A stunning event video (which we believe could be a brand film) was created. This video can be used to communicate the authenticity of the BMW sales people even in the future for the purposes of training/ inductions and other internal communications, as the videos and Images of the day effectively tell the story of the principles as well as activities learned and enjoyed.