Blue Sundays & Your Next Campaign


To create visual content which would tell a unique story about the day through photography.


Standard bank attended Afro-punk with an objective to promote their running campaign “Your Next”. “Your Next” was a campaign focused on treating Standard bank card holders in their blue lounge to fun, sophistication and putting true value on the wonder that is convenience. Standard Bank card holders had the privilege of enjoying WiFi, snacks and a charging station at the festival.


Exquisite Motivity managed to aptly capture all activities and engagements which aided in telling a holistic story for the day.  Further to this, as per their request, we featured and showcased their props through the use of the Standard Bank frame, selfie sticks, the lounge, charging stations and the people in the blue lounge.

What We Did

  • Events Photography 


The images captured told a colourful and full story of the day and this was great on their social media platforms. They too fully understood after that, that a picture is worth a thousand words and in this age of social media, it could be worth a whole lot more. We continue to enjoy a relationship with Standard bank to this day because of their satisfaction and contentment after this project.