Together for better roads


Road Agency Limpopo needs to create a new brand image. One that communicates effectively to it’s community, suppliers and professionals (engineers). The agency specialises in building roads and bridges but most importantly it connects people. The brand needs to look agile, prestige and clean. One should get a sense of working with a private company and not the impression of government.


To create a clean brand image through the use of logo design, photography, website design and keep a consistent theme across board (corporate Identity/brand manual)


We created a clean brand that communicates effectively to it’s communities (Traditional Leaders, Municipalities & professional bodies). 

What We Did

  • Brand design (Logo & CI)
  • Brand Manual
  • Website & Intranet design  
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This project results in a more refined logo which can be used on a wider scope of applications. The website is modern and responsive with a clear navigation for it’s users. The intranet meets the design guides for the brand.   

This serves to confirm that we Da Bass Pty Ltd has sourced services of Brand CI Development, Website and Intranet Design, Integration of Content Management and Training from Exquisite Motivity on behalf of our client Roads Agency Limpopo. We highly commend Exquisite Motivity for their insightful knowledge and creative skills to aid in achieving this turnaround strategy for our client.

Themba Baloyi - Director of Da Bass Pty Ltd